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Client projects are managed in a project management solution that assumes at all times a client is a client until they notify us otherwise. We track all agreed upon services and projects. We record dates received, various levels of progress and completed dates. Even though tax compliance and financial reporting are ultimately the responsibility of our client, we treat deadlines as if they were our own. At any time, our clients can inquire as to staff assignment for various projects, project progress, anticipated completion dates and future project targeted start and completion dates. We have internally imposed turnaround times for all projects depending on project category and time of the year. For example, all (100%) personal tax returns are required to be completed by April 15th if received in house by March 31st; assuming all information is received from the client.

To facilitate timely services we take a proactive approach to client project management. All (100%) clients are notified in advance as deadlines approach. We have a management policy that requires us to "reach out" three times before allowing a project to miss a deadline, either regulatory imposed or client requested.

We have a 24 hour policy on returning all emails and phone calls. We have an on-time policy with respect to conferences. Cancellations and rescheduling by DENKE employees are almost never allowed.

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