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Our Approach

Quality tax and accounting services can be costly. In order to deliver a quality product it requires a large investment in technology and employees as well as all the ancillary costs. Clients use our services for the same reasons that they don't represent themselves in court or diagnose and treat their own medical conditions. However, we want to offer to our clients the services that they "must have" and differentiate those from the services we feel they should have and from those that are considered a convenience.

As an example, income tax preparation is quite complex. Almost all of our clients engage us for these services. Accounting and financial reporting can also be challenging and most of our clients benefit from our services in these areas as well. However, some services are strictly for convenience and although the customer has resources and/or skill sets available to perform these tasks, they sometimes prefer to engage us in these areas for an array of reasons.

Our philosophy is to fully explain these three different levels of service and help guide them as to what makes the most sense for them without consideration of the financial impact on DENKE. Ultimately this creates a satisfied client with comfort that they received a value equating to their expenditure.

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